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As always, a work in progress. [Jun. 14th, 2007|06:30 pm]
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Name: N/A as of yet.

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy



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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2006|01:04 am]
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Title: Loyalties.
Series: Bleach.
Main Character Focus: Kisuke Urahara, Ukitake Juushirou, Kuchiki Rukia, Kuchiki Byakuya
Theme(s): Drama. Not Yaoi. 
Spoiler Warning: Involves spoilers about Urahara and Rukia. If you have not completed the Soul Society arch I suggest not reading any further.
Summary: Kisuke Urahara has taken his experiments too far and created the Hougyoku. Not wanting it to fall into the wrong hands he then creates another abomination in the form of an untraceable gigai that can turn the shinigami using it human and would then forever seal the Hougyoku with it. His plan to hide the Hyougoku fails when his research is discovered but not before he places the Hyougoku into Kuchiki Rukia. Ukitake Juushirou learns of this when he stumbles in on Kisuke performing the sealing using his own subordinate, Rukia. Now Ukitake must choose between a long time friend and ally or his newly recruited member Rukia. 

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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2006|01:44 am]
Like everything else around here this is just a scene from my head with the hopes of getting finished one day.

The more I promised to this story.

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The Ambassador [Sep. 11th, 2006|08:11 pm]
[Yes my spelling sucks, get over it. I don't have Word on this crap top so this is the best I've got and Livejournal spell check sucks.]

    "Ambassador," Raidou acknowledged with a formal half bow with military precision in it execution. The woman standing before him was a distinguished guest of Konoha and as such was given the use of a persona body guard as an escourt around the village. Dressed in full black the Tokubetsu Jounin specialized in personal protection wore his formal attire. The regular flack jacket was replaced by a black one that zipped in the back instead of the front. Emblazoned on the left hand side was the Konoha emblem along with the Special Task Force insigna displaying rank. Just beneath those were his credentails, including any badges and patches earned in his tenure in ANBU along with any he had received as a jounin, giving him ten small squares of varying color to signify his accomplisments. The effect made him feel far more official than he'd like, but it was meant to encourage confidence in his profesionalism to the dignitary he was assigned to serve and protect. Beneath the black fabric layer was a metal breast plate meant to protect the wearer from frontal assults that were always a risk for those who specialized in protecting high profile individuals.
    "Namiashi Raidou, I pressume." The woman's voice was melodic and some waht mesmorizing, the woman herself mirrored those qualities with her stature and grace. Dressed in silks and selling of expensive perfumes she was indeed lovely and noticably rich. It made Raidou's job all the more interesting.
    "You are correct in that pressumtion, Ambassador Deila," his speech pattern was noticably modulated to impart respect to both whom he was addressing and in himself. He was a professional and wanted it to be very clear his intentions were entirely so.
    "Wonderful, we may begin then. If you please," an elegant and shapely arm outstretched itself in a way that demanded a response. Obediantly Raidou took the woman's arm to walk awkwardly beside her. It was not a part of his job description to provide company, only protection, but the woman had a strange attraction and he didn't mind broadening his description some for her.
She desired to be shown around the city and Raidou was obliged to show her the higher end attractions the hidden billage had to offer. The problem with his line of work was that ordinary citizens that he typically could relate to and handle never required, or warranted, a personal guard escourt. Those that did were all the more difficult to put up with. The rich and influential were considerably hard to suffer their company, let alone risk one's life for, but he had a job to do, a job he did well. So when the ambassador asked for him to carry her bags and follow her around like an obediant lap dog, Raidou had little choice to refuse. Technically he could refuse, given that this was not part of his job, but he risked being dicourteous to a foreign diplomat and was responsible to represent Konoha in a positive manner.
    It was when she showed him into her diplomatic suite that he had to draw the line. "I'll leave your effects here and gladly stand watch out---" he faltered significantly as he placed her newly aquired belongings down, and for good reason; the ambassador had begun to disrobe leaving her half dressed in front of him.
    "It's quite alright, you may look. In fact..." a gracefull few steps had her standing beside him and a delicate hand was placed on his rough cheek to bring his focus from his ardent study of carpet patterns onto the half dressed dignitary, "I'd like some company, and to see what Konoha has to offer besides good protection."
    Raidou was breathless a moment, unsure how to successfully talk himself out of this situation without coming off disrespectful. "You would do better with aother company, my services do not cover hospitality in such...close quarters."
    "Nonsense," her regal voice intoned in a manner that indicated she was not used to being told "no", even if it were so delicately put. Without permission to carry on the woman's slender arms found their way around his broad shoulders. "Quite simply put, you will be with me tonight, Namiashi Raidou."
    Still attempting to be a gentleman, Raidou refrained from forcefully removing her just yet. "I will, but it will be in a different context, Ambassador Deila. Surely you can understand the need for some distance to be kept, our relationshipis strictly prof--" a sublte gasp left his lips in mid sentence as his vest slid from his shoulders and clamoured to the ground. His neck, now bare, was met with soft carresses of lips, and not on equally smooth skin but on damaged features instead.                                  "A-Ambassador..."  
    "You were injured once," she cooed between gentle presses of her smooth and full lips against his scarred skin, "you must be strong in mind and body to endure such, wouldn't you agree?"
    "A-Ambassador Deila, please," his voice was strong even though the words seemed weak, "it would be best for you to cease these advances as I cannot comply with them."
    "I only ask for your company, can the men of Konoha not perform?" A sleek brow lofted at her jabbing words, Raidou caught the full effect of her expression since his eyes had yet to leave her face, though she stood with her flawless chest fully bared to him.
    "I can assure you to the contrary, but I will offer no other proof than the proliferation of life here at present that speaks for itself." How he could even think to respond could only be answered by rigorous training and a strong sense of duty. Yet standing right before him was the picture of beauty, offering herself to him and he was being tempted to take her. He was only human after all, and a man at that, he could not deny that she was attractive. So very beautiful...and she was attracted to him? It was not often that such beautiful women chased after him and it admittedly felt good to have her attention in that way, but he was not weak. "I must ask that you please retract your advances, I have---"
    "Shh~" she commanded not moments before forcing her lips to his.
    His initial reaction was to jerk back, but she followed him predicting his movement with stunning accuracy. She tasted sweet, oh god did she taste good. Her skin, now softe beneath his sturdy hands upon her slender shoulders, felt smooth and flawless in a sharp contrast to his own. But this dream was not right and he had to pull away, hands onces resting on her shoulders now gently forced her back. "I have to go." To stay would be dangerous.
    He made a move to retreat, bending to pick up his fallen vest when a hand with more strength than should have been there was placed on his shoulder forcing him up. "You are not leaving here tonight, Namiashi Raidou," already her lips were back on his own, transfering her taste to his mouth, her hands busy working his shirt up and before he had time to protest she had it off. Graceful fingers lightly skimmed down over his shoulder and chest, mesmorizing eyes seemed focused on his scars.
    "This...this isn't appropriate behavior of a guard..." he tried once more to be diplomatic about it, voice noticably soft as he watched her inspect his body with a gentle fascination and touch.
    "You are here to serve me, and this is what I desire from you, what is inappropriate about those terms?" Before she allowed him an answer she began to hum a song he could not recognize.
    "I--" the music was enchanting, the woman's voice was as beautiful and captivating as she herself was and his own voice sounded harsh and rough in comparison and he did not want for it to stop the melody now filling his mind. He hardly noticed that he was moving as she led him along to her bed dressed in red satin sheets. Once again their lips met in a stunning embrace, but Raidou never noticed that while her lips were being occupied her song did not stop. A haze formed in his mind, dulling his thoughts as the seductress brought him down on top of her perfect form. Heat radiated out and wrapped him in pleasure as he finally gave in and began kissing her in return, it was too hard not to.
    When he did so every kiss became better than the last as he became more drunk off her sweet nectar lips. His hands moved taking in all her body had to offer. One hand cupped her perfectly rounded breast sinking into its softness as his fingers gently kneaded rhythmically upon her flesh. His other hand ran over her shapely thigh pushing up the silk fabric of her skirt, fingers eagerly searching beneath for warm wet skin. She moaned when his hand slipped between her legs, the sound sending waves of thrill crashing against him and the fingers delved deeper as she arched beneath him to welcome the touch. Her song never ceased but rose in pitch and speed in a crazed rhytm driving him on. "Oh god..."
    Her hands behind his back were not idle but had lost the graceful beauty they once held as the powerful genjutsu was released to reveal claws extending from her nails. Poised above his arching spine she moved with stealth even as she faked her moans and set up her position to strike from while his hands remained busy with her body. In a rush of movement she struck down and in the same instant Raidou struck up with his elbow, knocking the hand to the side before his own struck out to grab hold of her wrist. The song ceased as an earsplitting shriek filled the room. His other hand snapped from its position to lock down her other wrist.
    "How?!" she shrieked in a voice that was no longer beautiful and melodic but peircing and shrill.
    "For starters you were too perfect, every woman has her flaws and a flawless one would have no interest in someone as imperfect as myself, and second," he growled as she struggled, "you were manipulating me and it's very hard to do that and cover your tracks. Did you think I would be so distracted that I wouldn't eventually catch on?"
    "Bastard!" she hissed as her true hideous nature revealed itself, fiendish yellow eyes glowed up at him from pale greyish skin, dark stringy hair in place of previous chestnut locks.
    "Where is the Ambassador? You must have her hidden somewhere if you needed to dispose of me, so where is she? I won't repeat myself so I suggest you respond." He was no longer gentle as he held the sneering serpent of a woman down. "Answer me!"
    It came without warning, the hands he was holding down lifted with brute strength forcing his own arms to bend. With a yelp of pain he felt the points of her talons puncture his sides. Lip upturning he forced her hands back down and grunted when her knee impacted him between the legs forcing him to roll off and to the side, unfortunately releasing the woman. Rolling onto his feet he stood weapon and vestless facing the clawed demon who still was without a propper covering for her chest, though he hardly was concerned about her appearance. A quick glance at his sides showed five puncture wounds each, all running with blood and swollen giving a greyish-black appearance where he'd been wounded. Poison. Just about the time he noticed it his vision began to blur, the outlines of the fiend before him wavering in an out of clarity. Swearing under his breath he knew time was precious and best not to be wasted. Lunging forward he tackled the serpant fiend and both fell to the floor in a struggle for dominance, Raidou beginning to lose out until he was pinned on his back. A hand lifted poised to stab him through the chest as consciousness began to give way and breathing became labored.
    From the shadows a form stepped gracefully out. "That's enough, Naga, he has passed."
    Dumbfounded he looked from the woman who held him pinned to the one standing in the middle of the room, "Ambassador?"
    "Correct, release him now Naga," she demanded though her lips were offering a smile to Raidou as he laid released on the floor unable to lift himself up. Kneeling beside him she removed a vial and instructed him to drink, when he did she helped him up, his face noticably less pale and regaining its color as the antidote worked. At the confused look on his face she broke into a calm explanation. "I had to test your skills and also your loyalty. Congraduations Namiashi, you are one of the few to pass, and the only one that required the use of a powerful spell to get you into a compromising position."
    Scowling Raidou paced across the room to grab up his shirt and vest, angrily throwing them back on. "I resent being an object of your games, I suggest you find a replacement for your time here."
    "On the contrary, I want you to be at my side at all times. A man who can resists a woman's charms for the sake of his duty and be willing to fight with his life for her safety is a rare find indeed, I want you to come back with him you'd make a fine consort as well. A bit rough around the edges but I like a man who's seen his fare share of excitement." She was circling him as she spoke, eyes carefully picking out all his details as he dressed and looked pleased with what she saw.
    "I'm not for hire, and I hardly wish to serve as anyone's consort. Forgive me but I'd rather not work for someone who has tried to kill me." Scowling he made his way towards the door before being stopped by a hand on his shoulder.
    "I could still have you killed."
    Freezing he did his best to stay calm and not react at such an open threat, "you could, but it would be an act of aggression against Konoha and I doubt your country would enjoy the outcome."
    "For one little meaningless soldier there wouldn't be much of a fuss, and I could always claim you tried to rape me once you got me alone." A sneer brushed the otherwise beautiful lips as she circled around in front of the harrassed jounin, her hand never leaving his shoulder.
    "My record would speak to the contrary, and such threats from you are not being taken lightly. Stand aside, I'm leaving."
    "You most certainly are not," obviously Deila was used to getting what she wanted and having someone tell her "no" was not sitting well with the young diplomat who had much to learn about diplomacy. "What is it going to take to have you? I can pay any amount that you'd like."
    "Nothing you could possibly offer me would be enough," a hand reached up to grab her wrist and force it down off his shoulder, "out of my way, Ambassador." To his slight shock she moved aside, scowling at him with passionate dark eyes.
    "Fine, for now you may leave but I'm not done with you, remember that," she huffed as he walked passed.
    "Yeah, sure. I, however, am done with you and I'd appreaciate if you could understand that." With that he left the suite heaving a sigh and wincing at the pain in his sides. Little did he know what he had left behind in that room, as the saying goes 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. [To be continued? Who knows!]
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Crimson Tides [Jul. 23rd, 2006|07:07 pm]
Chapter 1: When Your Query Goes To Ground...

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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2006|09:16 pm]
Title: None as of yet
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy
Notes: Like everyting I do lately this just popped into my head and so I wrote. I might make a project out of this one, but only if I feel like its going somewhere, or if anyone likes it. So here it goes.

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Kou/Izzy [Jun. 29th, 2006|12:19 pm]
Title: Rubber Ducky
Pairing: Kotetsu/Izumo
Rating: R, for nudity and stuff.
Genre: Humor
Notes/Summary: This is what happens when you mix diet soda, boredom, and funny rp with your really awesome friend and lovie. I know I should be finishing the other ones I've started first but this just popped into my head and wont leave me alone. Inspired by Jack's Kotetsu and my Izumo. <3 Jack.

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Popsicles. Genma/Hayate. You've been warned. [Jun. 22nd, 2006|12:13 pm]
[music |Dirty Little Secret; All-American Rejects]

Not finished, will finish...sometime. When my inspiration comes back I'll collar it and force it into slavery for me so I can finish these things in one go. At any rate, its Genma/Hayate. Enjoy.


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A little Genma/Hayate R: G [Jun. 21st, 2006|02:38 pm]

The summary would normally come before the post but...as I can't figure out how to 'un livejournal cut' the selection above this will just have to do. A little Genma/Hayate short [emphasis on short] one shot. Just came into my head and I felt like writing it, 'nough said. Its all warm fuzzy-ish because I was in a good mood. Anyhow, there you have it.
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I swear I'll get off this Raidou kick soon. [Jun. 16th, 2006|06:28 pm]
"Report!" came the comanding voice of an officer harried by battle and events not going as planned. It was the understatement of the year. Not only were their plans not going correctly but the enemy seemed to know their movements when even they did not.

The officer reporting in looked frenzied and had to be asked to repeat himself. "Crossfire! We're caught in crossfire, sir!"

It was all too easy to want to swear violently at the news. Why bother fighting your enemy when they killed themselves often enough to do it for you? It was getting ridiculous out here, without proper communication they were tripping themselves up and costing lives. Heavily costing lives. The auburn haired man sighed and resisted the urge to show his weariness, he had to remain in command of himself and his troops. "Clear this mess up, order a ceasefire. Tell your men to stand down unless they are without uncertainty that it isn't a comrade he's firing at."

"Hai, nii-san."

"Raidou...this is a battle field, I am not your nii-san anymore. Remember that."
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